Dear Bridge Family,

As another year draws to a close, who could have imagined what God has done in us and through us this past year?  We have again seen change and growth in ways many of us never could have dreamed. We are grateful to live by faith and not by sight!  We have had a lot of excellent ministries occurring week-in, week-out. The purpose of this letter is to provide another “highlight reel” of all that God has done among us, officially announce the annual meeting will take place on November 24th 2019 directly following the service, and formally put forward the 2020 budget projections for congregational review and approval. We hope you’ll be encouraged as you read up on what God is doing!

Summary of Contents

  • Youth and Kids Ministry

  • Disciple-making Highlights

  • Outreach

  • Attendance, Giving, and Facilities

  • Moving Forward - A Vision for 2020

  • End of Year Giving

  • Annual Meeting Nov 24th

  • Meet Vijay - New Elder Candidate

  • 2020 Budget Projections

Youth and Kids Ministry

In essence, we have seen our kids, middle and high school ministries all double this past year!

  • We are now feeding around 500 kids during pizza lunch, as well as developing our ministry influence and presence substantially during that time. (We were feeding 240 kids at this time last year!)

  • Sunday mornings see 16-20 middle schoolers and 10-15 high school students. (More than double this time last year.) 

  • Tuesday girls group has 10+ girls. (More than double this time last year.)

  • Wednesday guys group has similar core of 10 guys who are far more committed to discipleship.

  • We have launched monthly events for middle schoolers, and we have started a new middle school girls group with 4-6 girls, and we also hope to start a middle school guys group in the next few weeks!

  • We are hoping to start in 2020 an all-area youth event called “Movement” that is designed to evangelistically reach the youth of our broader community!

  • Our BridgeKids are averaging 80-100 kids on Sunday mornings (up from 50-60 a year ago).

  • First Fridays continue to be a great outreach and disciple-making ministry to families by serving 100+ children, offering parents the opportunity for a date night, and providing a time for couples to disciple other couples. We have seen several families become active members of the Bridge community after attending First Fridays.


  • Men’s and Women’s discipleship groups have multiplied to more than 15 groups.

  • We have seen participation of 200+ people in the KNOW Hour this past fall.

  • We’ve been exposed to great teaching through our pastors and guest speakers like Vince Bacote, Eric Swanson, Donna Thoennes, and Erik Thoennes.

  • We have brought approximately 60 people into membership and celebrated the baptisms of 25 people this past fall including 8 youth and 6 kids!

Outreach Updates

  • We estimate over 800 people attended our Block Party that marked a significant inroad into our community.

  • The Front Porch Coffee Shop and Youth Lodge is quickly becoming a 3rd place in the Bear Creek community with an average of 75-100 people a day, many of which are at-risk youth.

  • We have helped put on the Columbine 20th Memorial Service and culture care events like jazz nights and the benefit concert to launch Sources of Strength at Bear Creek High School.

  • Approximately 90 people signed up for an advance the gospel seminar to grow in personal outreach.

  • We continue to deepen our partnerships with Mean Street Ministries and Mission98 as well as 16 other ministry partners around the world and in our community.

Attendance, Giving, and Facilities Updates

  • Attendance is noticeably up as we average nearly 475 people per Sunday. This is up from 380-400 in February of 2019.

  • Generous giving to the church has enabled us to sustain ministry programming and begin laying the groundwork for valuable future community and programming investments.

  • We were able to successfully complete the Coffee Shop, Front Porch, Youth Lodge and Back Yard (playground). We also worked with our insurance company to put a new roof on 65% of the building as well as replace 12 windows and stucco that was damaged in a August 2018 hail storm.

  • We estimate that with the Coffee Shop project in full swing that we average between 150-700 people a day that actively use our facility Monday through Saturday. We believe that this is not only good stewardship of the resources we’ve been given but that it is also a gospel presentation to the community to have a full and vibrant presence in the community.

Moving Forward - A Vision for 2020

We desire to see The Bridge become a hub for “kingdom adventures” in our community and beyond.  We believe The Bridge does not exist as an end to itself but to be a blessing to the Kingdom beyond our own church and influence.  We believe in a multiplying movement of disciple-making that effects all areas of life.

We also envision The Bridge continuing to develop as a “third place” in our community that serves as a hub for connection and ministry beyond traditional models of “church”.  The Bridge can continue to develop an ecosystem that supports movements into the arts, care for the whole person, church planting, leadership development, and creative evangelistic movements. 

We want you to be all-in for the Gospel in the time and place God has put us.  As the year-end is upon us, would you please consider generously helping us build up the general fund?  We will put these funds towards deferred maintenance on the building (i.e. windows, HVAC, etc). We would love to see end-of-year giving hit $75,000 to help with these opportunities.

End of Year Giving

Each year the elders put forward an opportunity for people to invest in the Kingdom through their end of year gifts. In 2020 we hope to continue updating our facility that was established in 1954. Our main priorities for 2020 would be to address many of the windows and lights throughout the facility that were installed in the 50’s and 70’s. Replacing the windows would help us continue to drive down our heating and cooling costs throughout the year and updating the lights will help us drive down our substantial electricity costs each month. We hope to make these investments out of the general fund in 2020 so your end of year gift can be designated for the general fund. Any additional funds taken in above the needed facilities improvements will be leveraged for kingdom adventures in the Bear Creek community.

Let’s continue to proclaim the gospel through generous acts of service and sacrifice as we partner strategically with BCHS and BCK8 to meet the needs of the community.

Annual Meeting November 24th

Finally, we would like to let you know we intend to hold our annual meeting on November 24th immediately following the service. At this annual meeting we will give a report on ministry highlights from 2019 and ask the active members in good standing to:

  • Affirm the budget which has been unanimously approved by the Elder Team (See Below).

  • Affirm Vijay JohnWesley to the office of Elder (See Below).

Members must be present to vote by written ballot. No absentee voting is allowed.

A New Elder Candidate

Vijay JohnWesley is from the southern part of India near Chennai. He was born into a Christian family, and his parents were strong followers of Christ. They brought up he and his sister in the Christian faith and his faith in Christ grew when he attended the indigenous missionary meetings and revival meetings. Vijay felt that God was always there to put him back on track when he was distracted by worldly things. Like Psalm 139:7-10 says,

“Where shall I go from your Spirit? Or where shall I flee from your presence?"

Vijay’s faith in Christ grew stronger when he finished his master’s degree and started looking for a job. God provided him a job in a miraculous way. During that waiting time, his praying, reading the word and understanding of the Lord’s will grew.

Vijay continues to see God’s hand daily and He continues to prove to us that He loves us, forgives us, and the Holy Spirit helps every day to grow closer to him.

Vijay and Becky were married in 2000 and have 2 children, Ethan (18) and Faith (13). The JohnWesley’s have lived in the US since 2002 and in Denver since 2006. Their children have been part of this church family their entire lives and over the years they have served the church in many ways. Vijay served in the church previously as an elder during the merger season of 2018, and he now serves as a deacon, leads a discipleship group, and helps teach Bible 101 during the KNOW Hour.

The elders unanimously affirm Vijay for the office of Elder. The congregation is encouraged to contact Vijay or another elder if you have any questions prior to the annual meeting on November 24th.

2020 Budget Projections

We were able to operate within the confines of the approved budget while making substantial investments in differed maintenance and facilities updates in 2019 as it was a strong fiscal year. Going into 2020 we are confident that our facility will continue to serve well as a tool for ministry but there are still a few major improvements that are needed such as HVAC updates and windows. The 2020 proposed budget LINKED HERE is presented is summary form to clearly outline our financial strategy for the next year as well as material budget numbers. Please note that each ministry budget represented in this proposal is inclusive of all programming expenses including staffing for each program. Budget allocations also represent volunteer services for some of our ministries such as youth and women’s ministry that are staffed in a large part through volunteers. This helps us steward our resources effectively while also providing quality programming across the scope of ministry.

The elders unanimously put forward these 2020 budget projections for congregational review and approval on November 24th 2019.

In order to facilitate an efficient gathering we ask that all questions and comments regarding the budget be sent to or by calling the office at 303-986-5511 (ext. 3). If you have questions please feel free to reach out directly and set up a meeting with Nate Ullrich (Executive Pastor) and/or Jeff Lynch (Treasurer) prior to the November 24th meeting.

Thank You!

Finally, we are so grateful for you and for all that God has done, and we look expectantly toward the future for what God has in store. May we continue to make much of Jesus together!

Prayerfully and with joy,

The Elder Team of The Bridge Church at Bear Creek

Gary Beeg, James Hoxworth, Jeff Lynch, Rodrigo Ribeiro, and Nate Ullrich