Welcome to The Bridge's Community Board!

Dear Church Family!

Welcome to the community board! In our desire to work together as a community to “make much of Jesus and make disciples that know, live and advance the gospel,” we naturally want to communicate well and frequently about the many things that are going on in our community. This community board will consist of everything from upcoming events to resources for parenting to updates on facilities improvements or ministries. You are able to subscribe to this feed and some of the curated content will also populate the newsletter each week. Ultimately we want you to be able to get the answers you are looking for and feel more connected to the community as it grows and develops. If you have any questions about this feed feel free to direct them our way at info@bridgebc.org. We will do our absolute best to address your questions!

We are really looking forward to this new model of communication and invite your engagement as it develops.

The Admin Team

The Bridge Church at Bear Creek