Amos: The Lion Roars! Part I

Lions are majestic and fearsome creatures!  Many years ago now Debbie and I visited some friends who were serving in Uganda and they took us on a three-day trip to Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya (the sight of the filming of “Out of Africa.”).  As we rumbled along in our friend’s Toyota Land Cruiser we saw a wonderful array of wildlife from warthogs and baboons to leopards and giraffes, but we had seen no lions.  People in the park were few and far between, but we happened to encounter another vehicle headed in the opposite direction.  We flagged them down and asked if they had seen any lions.  The instructions we received were interesting!  They told us to proceed a short distance to where a road intersected on the left.  Take that left and “drive until you smell something dead; then look off to your left.”  Well we did just that and soon we did smell something dead, and just off the road, about 50-75 yards away was a group of lions feasting on something.  Our host and his two sons and I jumped out and got on top to the Land Cruiser so we could get a better view of them – the grass was tall!  No sooner had we done that and snapped off a couple of photos than one of the males let out a low growl and made a short charge at us!  Fortunately he only charge about ten yards and stopped, giving us a chance to dive back into the safety of our vehicle.  Foolishness! 

The Lord roars as a lion in Amos!  We will see in this prophetic word that the Lord is like a righteous lion who roars over His people warning them of their unrighteous behavior and His righteous judgment.  There is hear a sober warning for us and the Church today. 

Pray:  In Psalm 119:36-37 we read, “Incline my heart to your testimonies, and not to selfish gain!  Turn my eyes from looking at worthless things; and give me life in your ways.”  As you begin your meditation on the book of Amos, use these verses to shape your prayer in asking the Lord to speak to you. 

Read:  Amos 1-9

Meditate:  Who was Amos and what were the social trends that characterized the people to whom he was speaking?  In what way is this book relevant to us today?