Amos: “This is what the Lord showed me”

The lion roars from Zion!”  This is the theme of Amos and his written record of the things he saw from the Lord.  The Lord roars in judgment!  But as Henri Blocher observed, “We do not like to think in terms of judgment or condemnation, or that the idea of judgement enters into religion.  Contrary to this, the Bible shows man as being accountable to God the Judge.  Man cannot live like a beast which acts by instinct and impulse.  He has to give an account of his behavior; he is bound to do the right or to bear his guilt if he does wrong.  He is born within a covenant, which is of course a legal bond.  He cannot avoid this, even if he tries to reject the idea of a distinction between right and wrong.  He cannot help making moral judgments himself, of feeling himself to be accountable for his own actions.  He cannot help judging others.  Modern anarchists exemplify this; there is a total contradiction on this point in their philosophy.  They deny all moral criteria but they cannot help condemning others.  Also, as Paul reminds us, man cannot help judging himself (Rom. 2:15).  There is a judgment seat within each one of us, and it testifies to us that we are not beings of chance.  We are men before God, the righteous Judge.  Of course man, though he cannot help making these judgments, still suppresses the truth and perverts what fragments of it he still knows.  He does partly blind himself, but he cannot totally lose sight of the standards of justice of which he is aware by reason of his having been made in the image of God.  Only when the problem of guilt is dealt with before God, the righteous Judge and Lord, is reconciliation possible.  This is the biblical view.  If we lose our sense of our awareness that guilt towards God is the center of our problem, we start drifting away from the biblical message.”

We finish our short study of Amos this week by considering five visions and a word of hope that the Lord gave to Amos.  May the Lord grant that we rightly fear Him as the Judge of all the earth so that we may also rejoice in Him as our Savior as well!

Pray:  “Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of your law” (Psalm 119:18).  May that be included in your prayer today as you begin your meditation.

Read:  Amos 7-9

Meditate:  This is the fourth and final section of Amos’ written prophecy.