Nahum: “The Lord is a jealous and avenging God”

Jonathan Edwards made the keen observation that “From love arises hatred of those things which are contrary to what we love, or which oppose and thwart us in those things that we delight in.” We have seen in the Minor Prophets that God’s love for His people is expressed in His hatred of their rebellion against Him.

The Book of Nahum is a vivid vision of God’s vengeance against those who hated and destroyed His people Israel. What is the purpose of this book and why do we need it today?

Pray: Take a moment and read Psalm 97. Can you make that part of your prayer today as you prepare to meditate on Nahum?

Read: All of Nahum (it is a short three chapters, 47 verses)

Meditate: Not a few biblical scholars have said that the book of Nahum is an exceptional piece of ancient literature, perhaps second only in dignity and force to Isaiah. Please notice that it was a ‘book’ from the beginning with no history of oral tradition.