The Front Porch

We desire to see The Bridge become a “third place” in our community. What is a Third Place? There’s the place where you live and there’s the place where you work; the Third Place is where you want to go when you’re not at the other two- a comfortable, community gathering place to pass some pleasant time with your neighbors and friends. As we look out our front doors of the church, we see the incredible opportunity to be a welcoming presence to our community. Thousands of teachers, students, and neighbors park, walk, or drive by our campus every single day.

This past year we were able to build out the “living room”, and now we seek to build out the “front porch” of our home. We envision the Front Porch to be a place where people from the community and the church family can gather for music, a cup of coffee, meetings, potlucks, indoor/outdoor events, hosting pizza lunch, and simply a place to hang out. The Front Porch is a place to invest in relationships and make much of Jesus. We also believe this will greatly enhance ministry to the students and staff of both schools outside our front door by giving them a safe and friendly place to gather.

We hope to finish the Front Porch in early 2019, for a sunrise Easter service on the east side of the church! Conservative estimates put the build-out of the Front Porch and replacement of the old, wooden east side doors at $75,000. We would like to challenge the church family to consider contributing to this effort with a generous gift that is in addition to your normal giving. Would you prayerfully consider giving to this great cause by clicking the button below or writing a check and placing “Front Porch” in the memo line? 100% of the funds will go to making the Front Porch a reality.