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Through a set of unusual circumstances, God began to reveal a solution that could strengthen two churches and provide for the continuation of Kingdom service here in the Bear Creek Valley; a merger of Bear Creek EPC and Bridgeway Community Church. The leadership of both churches diligently sought God’s will prior to recommending a merger to the congregations. Both congregations were kept well-informed of their efforts to determine the compatibility of the churches in terms of vision, theology, missions support and primacy of scripture. Both churches unanimously approved a recommendation of a merger which served as strong confirmation of God’s will for us all. We hope you will join us on a Sunday morning and be a part of the great mission we have to "Make Much of Jesus and Make Disciples who Know, Live, and Advance the Gospel!" We hope you will be encouraged by what we believe to be a work of God’s Spirit in both our congregations to unite around the mission of Jesus in the world.

As a result of the merger, The Bridge Church at Bear Creek was formed and has been seeing God move in amazing ways. All of the programs and ministries of the church have been growing tremendously since the merger and have been a blessing to everyone who steps through our doors.

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