Ministry Partnerships

We believe that the Church should work through partnerships to reduce human suffering in the name of the Gospel as part of our ministry. This page outlines all of our active ministry partners.

The Bridge Church believes strongly in working through ministry partnerships locally and around the world. You can find out more about each partner below on this page. If you would like to find out more, please skip to the bottom and fill out the contact form. We would love to connect with you!

Mean Street Ministries

Mean Street Ministry is an avenue for people to serve God by being the hands and feet of Jesus to the broken. They do this through various assistance programs including a food bank, financial assistance, evangelical outreach and many other social aid programs. Through this partnership The Bridge Church runs the food bank and café on the 4th Saturdays of each month.

Rick Murphy

Rick is a full-time chaplain at the Adams County Jail where 1100 inmates are housed and more than 250 employees work. Rick leads worship services, meets one-on-one with inmates, responds to crises in the lives of inmates, and also ministers to the deputies and staff at the jail. Find out more!

North & Central America
Sam & Emma Knutson

God has directed us to be making much of Jesus with the people of Guayaquil, Ecuador. We do so by working with the local branch of Paz y Esperanza where we focus on victimized populations – women, children, migrants, and indigenous peoples. Specifically, we focus on bringing healing and restoration in the lives of those experiencing intrafamilial violence, as well as building a network of churches to better serve their communities by preventing violence and advocating for victims.

Mission Ministries

Meeting the spiritual and tangible needs of “the least of these” ​by partnering with local pastors and their congregations in Juarez Mexico. The Bridge supports the ministry broadly as well as Pastor Martin’s soup kitchen to those in need in his community.

Tom & Bev Gooldy

Tom and Bev work with CRU to help develop national campus ministries around the world. Their work includes coaching national leaders & their teams, pioneering movements on the unreached campuses of the world and developing strategies to bring Jesus within reach of the 120 million college students of the world.

Ralph & Connie Cooley

Ralph and Connie work in conjunction with the CRU ministries on Washington State and University of Idaho campuses with a ministry to university faculty called Faculty Commons. Ralph regularly takes students and faculty on short term missions trips overseas, and helps with leadership development programs in the summer.

Amy Young

Amy provides online support and training for missionaries through Global Trellis. Like a trellis in a garden supports a plant, Global Trellis supports cross-cultural workers bringing resources to them without having to travel. Her work enables cross-cultural workers to have a tended soul and expanding skill set so that they mitigate burnout, overwhelm, or stagnation, and are able to play their role in the Great Commission. Amy is also the author of five books for missionaries and grew up right here at The Bridge (then BCC)!

David & Abby Kakeeto

David & Abby founded and operate A Perfect Injustice in Uganda. Their mission is to show and teach the love of Christ. They do this through street outreaches, assisting with resettlements, bible studies and evangelism as well as many other agricultural and social assistance programs.

Bruce & Laura

Bruce & Laura live in a predominantly Muslim country. They have spent the past several years reaching out to young professionals through English Clubs and life coaching.

Matt & Michelle

Matt & Michelle serve in India under SIM and EPC World Outreach. Matt interacts daily with the staff of the software business he co-founded. The business provides opportunities for outreach to their largely non-christian staff and community. Matt also travels worldwide to help others with creative businesses providing a viable entry into many communities.

Rob & Iris

Rob and Iris live in the States, but provide oversight to a church planting team in SW Asia. Rob is the Assistant Director for the Dr J Christy Wilson Center for World Missions, and does missionary recruitment to the Muslim world for Frontiers and EPC World Outreach. Iris is the lead exegetical checker for the New Testament translation for the language group in their target country.

Dave & Wendy

Dave and Wendy serve with Pioneers and are currently residing in Thailand. They help provide counseling and spiritual formation training to the missionary community in SE Asia and their local community.

Setan & Rhonda Lee

Setan and Rhonda were born and raised in Cambodia from which they escaped during the Killing Fields. Setan is the President and founder of TransformAsia. They provide oversight and development of various evangelical movements and church plantings throughout the country of Cambodia and neighboring countries.

Rei & Romona Abrudan

The Abrudans serve with 4D Ministries in their home country of Romania, where they minister to young professionals, youth, children, and families to build strong relationships with Christ. They also publish Christian literature and develop lay ministry leadership.

Tiffany Clark

God placed a dream in Tiffany’s heart over 10 years ago to use her skills as an Occupational Therapist to help children affected by the orphanage system in Romania. Over the past several years, even though she often did not know what He was doing behind the scenes, God has been at work preparing her. Now, God is opening doors for her to move to Brasov county, Romania in September 2019 to serve children living in the orphanage, foster/adoptive families, and individuals with disabilities as an Occupational Therapist.

Get More Information!

We have included information about each of our ministry partners on this page but for security reasons we must withhold many key details. If you are interested in a particular ministry partner and would like to give directly or find out more about them, please fill out this contact form and we will get back to you soon.

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